Foods on the Paleo lifestyle – be surprised with what you can eat.

Be surprised with what you can eat.

I mentioned in my introductory and first post,that the paleo lifestyle includes a variety of meats, fruits, vegetables, fish, good fats and oils, eggs, nuts and seeds.

Within the paleo method,you will find quite a large variety of foods that are paleo friendly. Discovering and experimenting with recipes is never ending with such a variety of foods. There are similarities with the Keto method but Paleo is less restrictive. Here there is no such thing as being bored, because once you incorporate the paleo method into your daily routine then it becomes a lifestyle and not a “diet”. Let’s find out a little more about this program.

In the paleo way, providing protein, it is preferable to consume meat from grass fed animals or wild game including beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and pork.The more natural, the better it is, and that goes in line with the paleo motto.In general, all processed foods are to be avoided, such as sugar and soft drinks. Grains, dairy products, legumes, artificial sweeteners, vegetable oils, margarine and trans fats are also to avoided.

Fruits are permitted for their nutricious benefits as well as providing natural sweetness,but we always need to be aware that,  consuming carbohydrates should be kept to “less carbs” if we are weight conscious. Berries are favoured for this reason. Vegetables also are great for their nutricious benefits, providing essential fibre and minerals. Mums usually say “eat your vegetables” especially greens for a good reason. Good fats and oils like olive oil, coconut oil, fish for their omega 3 benefits and avocados rich in good fats are part of the foundation of the paleo diet benefits, as are eggs, nuts and seeds.

The Paleo diet provides lots of fibre, and protein, which together with plenty of water intake and a smaller intake of sodium, help to decrease the bloating that some people experience. Coffee and tea are permitted as they both have antioxidant properties. Paleo helps to improve the gut flora which is essential in keeping healthy digestion, and other benefits can include,better sleep patterns, balanced energy levels, mental clarity, less anxiety and depression and less inflammation.

Keeping it simple is quite easy and the variety of food is extensive as I mentioned earlier.

Be surprised with what you can eat

Now for one of the surprising foods that can be added to paleo, is for those of us that sometimes crave the breads…Good news.

NOW WE CAN EAT BREAD AND PIZZA, ROLLS ETC.. without  feeling guilty, feeling bloated,feeling deprived and worrying about blood sugar. Thanks to some clever people that have spent the time to experiment with ingredients that are beneficial to our healthy way of eating. How exciting is this? By substituting wheat flour with almond flour, tapioca flour, coconut flour, arrowroot flour there are many options to make pizza dough, muffins, banana bread, doghnuts, savoury bread sticks, bread, rolls, scones and the list is endless. These are both paleo and keto friendly.

Be surprised with what you can eat

Did you ever think that you could eat any bread and pizza when on a “watch your weight” or “diet”program? Well now we can, just by substituting wheat flour with other types of flour as I mentioned above, and after all, the substitutions are much better for our well being as well as being lower in carbohydrates. How good is that? It is about training the mind to think laterally. Thanks again to the people that have done exactly that, we can now share their delicious recipes. Also from what I have seen there is now Paleo bread being sold in some supermarkets so check out nearby, you may be able to access it.

There is a lot more to discuss with you on the Paleo lifestyle topic and I will be doing just that in the following posts on my website –
Enjoy experimenting!!

.                Be well, Helen.

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